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Central Coast Olive Oil Competition

Sonoma, CA
United States
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First Year of Competition

Central Coast Olive Oil competition has selected judging day as Wednesday, April 23 in Sonoma, CA. The esteem panel of judges will be lead once again by Paul M Vossen, Farm Advisor Sonoma & Marin Counties Fruits Vegetables Marketing, UC Cooperative Extension at UC Davis.
Vossen has developed statewide and international expertise in olive oil production, processing, and sensory evaluation, including management of the first olive oil taste panel in the USA to become recognized by the International Olive Oil Council in 2001. He teaches many UC short courses and seminars on specialty crops production, continues to work closely with the SRJC Sustainable Ag Program, and has recently completed a new cost study on coastal olive oil production. "We are thrilled to partner with Paul each year", stated Jacky Eshelby, CCOOC Coordinator. "His knowledge of the industry as well as expertise in the judging process assures that each entry is evaluated correctly."
Entries close Friday, April 4, 2014.

New in 2014...The Central Coast Vinegar Competition. Vinegars from anywhere in California can be entered! Feel free to spread the word to vinegar producers inside and outside of the Central Coast! For more info on the CCVC follow the link below.

Deadline for receipt of entry forms and samplesApril 4, 2014