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Red Rock Olive Oil of California

It’s simple, at Red Rock Olive Oil you know what you’re getting: an olive oil that is fresh, certified, and delicious. You also know where it’s grown, how it’s grown, and how it’s harvested and milled. Straight from our farm, down to your dish.

Our mission: to provide a food product that is not only delicious and fresh, but that is also safe, environmentally sound and sustainable. We focus highly on our farming practices to produce the most perfect crop for flavor and freshness. Our conservation and agronomic practices adopt the most efficient and responsible management resources available, while coexisting with the ecosystem around us. We are family owned and operated with six generations of California farming expertise. The olive orchard surrounds beautiful Red Rock Lake located in Orland, California. Red Rock Lake is what makes our orchard so unique. Not only does it offer recreation, beauty, and a natural ecosystem, the lake is a self-sustaining annual irrigation source. Additional agronomic benefits include frost protection, filtration, and water quality control. The orchard and lake coexist through management practices that put the highest value on the wildlife and ecosystem while growing the best possible olives. Each year we are certified by the California Olive Oil Council. We are also considered one of the World's Best Olive Oils since our Gold medal in the New York International Olive Oil Competition.

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AddressOrland, California, 95963
United States
Phone Number530-680-7276
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First Year in Business2008

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Approximately 30 acres of High Density Arbequina Olive Trees were planted in 2008.
    We produce olive oil

    Red Rock Olive Oil of California produces award winning, certified California Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Name Derek Moffitt
    Title Owner: Orchard Manager
    Derek is a 6th generation farmer and his family has farmed walnuts for over 60 years. He studied agricultural engineering at Cal Poly and is an irrigation specialist. He's a very passionate farmer and our crop shows that. He chose to plant the high density Arbequina variety because they grow well in our climate and soil and are more drought tolerant. In 2008 when we planted, we were experiencing somewhat of a drought. Because we harvest the olives mechanically, it is quicker and more efficient; therefore we get the fruit to the mill more quickly, which improves the quality of the oil.
  • Name Sandi Moffitt
    Title Owner: Sales and Marketing Manager
    Telephone 530-680-7276
    Sandi has a degree in Marketing from Chico State University. She has worked in Sales, Marketing and Graphic Design for over 10 years.