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Utopia Coopertiva Sitia - China Branch Office

Olive Oil Producer and Exporter

Our Cooperative Extra Virgin Olive Oils come for Organic Growing methods used in the Orchards Producing 100 percent pure Utopia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We then take the Olives Direct from the Orchards of Greece Coopertives to the Cold Pressing process for processing and packaging.

AddressBuilding 4, Street 11, Room 207
Shenzhen, 5180000
CountyBaolian Village, Baoan District
Phone Number
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First Year in Business2004

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We produce olive oil

    We dedicated to producing Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil without additives for distribution for China Market; Only Natural Aromas and do not blend. Producing and Selling Olive Oil from the Best Olives Grown in the Greece Cooperative.

  • Name Rick McCoy
    Title Sales