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Agora Fine Greek Foods

Agora fine Greek foods is the first Olive Oil concept store in Greece, with a surprising selection of fresh olive oils from around the Greece and products from olives and olive oil.

Agora is the first Greek Olive Oil concept store in Thessaloniki, Greece: agora fine Greek foods where the customer will find exquisite food products with high nutritional value, excellent examples of the diverse Greek diet. In our store you can find our premium private label agora Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kolymvari Chania Crete, an area globally acclaimed for its top quality olive oils. It is an extra virgin olive oil, PDO (protected designation of origin) with low acidity, rich in polyphenols, fruity intensity and distinctive rich Cretan taste. It is offered in selected luxury packages of 500ml. Just have a taste and you will be an instant fan! Agora offers a variety of gourmet Greek delicacies. At agora, we seek out the highest quality foods from all over Greece, provide exceptional culinary experiences and choose traditional ways of producing contemporary products with high nutritional value. The first meaning of agora, in Ancient Greece, was a gathering place. Later, agora served as a marketplace. For us, agora means more than selling fine Greek foods. It means communicating, meeting, learning, collecting and creating. Agora was founded by Alexandros and Kostas Stefanidis to highlight and bring to your table fine Greek products of high nutritional value. Our love for these products led us to create a modern-day holistic view of production and marketing of flavors. Follow our journey!

Address22 Papagou
Thessaloniki, 56533
Phone Number0030 2313 030286
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First Year in Business

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    We produce olive oil

    Agora Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Category: Koroneiki 500ml PDO Extra virgin olive oil (Protected Designation of Origin) Kolymvari Chania Crete, an area globally acclaimed for its top quality Olive Oil -Quality: acidity near zero / rich fruity aroma / characteristic peppery flavor / cold extraction less than 27°C / rich in polyphenols / rich soil / microclimate conditions of the area suitable for the cultivation of olive trees

  • KostasStefanidis.JPG Name Kostas  Stefanidis
    Title Co-founder
    Telephone 0030 2313030286
  • AlexandrosStefanidis.JPG Name Alexandros Stefanidis
    Title Co-founder
    Telephone 0030 2313030286