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Global Network USA

We developed relationships with countries that has a F.T.A (Free Trade Agreement) with United State of America.

GLOBAL SOLUTION NETWORK is a sourcing import/Export agent based in New York, USA. With us you have unlimited opportunity to select the best buyers/suppliers, products and services. international contacts, and a talent for finding sources of information that helps us provide a easy atmosphere between both the buyer and seller, our combined skills include industrial sales, manufacturer representation, international program development, international business relationship development, sales and marketing campaign management.

Address3044, Albany Cress
NYC, New York, 10463
United States
Phone Number347-400-0612
Fax Number
Website Address
First Year in Business2010

  • Supplier and/or Service Provider
    We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

    We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

    We offer international business matchmaking, our specialty is Olive oil distribution.