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Olive Oil Market

OliveOilMarket is B2B Marketplace and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wholesale Supplier from Greece under terms of Guaranteed Delivery, Agreed Quality and Fixed-Price Contract
OliveOilMarket – Global Trading Company LLC. is official partner-representative in Europe of American Corporation Fitia Foods Inc. with Headquarter Offices in New York. Fitia Foods Inc. is the company registered at NY Exchange and is the main wholesale exporter of Olive Oil products from Greece to USA and Canada. Olive Oil Market is currently exporting Extra Virgin Olive from selected Producers worldwide through its well-experienced Export team. Logistic operations are also managed by our export team for delivering olive oil to any location. Our team is providing qualified export services including transportation, documentation, certification and insurance. Packing, shipping and documentation are fully arranged up to customer’s regional custom legislation. WHAT WE OFFER: - We deliver our olive oil products under terms of Guaranteed Delivery, Wholesale Prices and Agreed Quality - We can offer Fixed-Price Contract for a period up to 6 months and to L/c as payment method - We have possibility to provide our products in several quality (EVOO, Organic Olive Oil, Olive Pomace Oil) - We have possibility to provide in any quantities and packaging according client request - Private labeling can be provided at no additional cost
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We produce olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil certificated from Greece. Produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. The production method, the region and the varietal blend of olive cultivars result to an olive oil of fruity and rather spicy flavor and subtle aroma. Its acidity will not exceed 0.6% during its shelf-life.
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We are a broker of bulk olive oils

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