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Bulks Oils its a B2B platform for Oils. We also sell Olive Oils in Bulk from the Mediterranean countries for the most competitive prices. its on Internet B2B platform for Olive Oils where buyers and vendors can meet and operate together. BulkOils its a worldwide comuninity . Extra Virgin , Virgin Refined,, Pure and Pomace Olive Oil offers and demands.

Phone Number34695338305
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First Year in Business2010

  • Supplier and/or Service Provider
    We sell olives

    We provide bottling services

    Olive Oil Purveyor
    We are a broker of bulk olive oils

    We offer products that are COOC Certified, Organic, Estate Grown, Kosher Certified.

    We deal with Olive Oils from Egypt.Turkey,Syria,Tunisia & Spain. We are famous for offering the most competitive prices always. We have sweet olive oils or oils with more body. We offer monmovarietals and Blends, coupage from different olives to achioeve the flavor you need. We have the capacity to suply from 20 tones up to 10.000 for one customer.

  • Name Yago Cruz
    Title CEO
    Telephone 34695338305