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A1000 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With a golden green colour, a distinctive fragrance and a balanced fruity flavour, it provides a unique experience even for the most demanding palate. Freshly produced from the koroneiki variety which is considered one of the best in the world, free from preservatives and added chemicals, one of the best olive oils in the world, a true journey for the senses.

The Vathis family has been producing olive oil for more than 150 years from centuries old olive trees in southern Greece. Experience has been passed from one generation to the other always respecting nature and traditional values. Our premium extra virgin oil was shared mainly between family and friends. For us producing olive oil was more of a passion than a business. In 2010 Spyros Vathis, Yiannis Tzonis and Iliana Psallida decided to share it with the rest of the world by introducing an elegant bottle of premium extra virgin oil. With the on field knowledge and expertise of our father George Vathis and the scientific background of Spyros, Yiannis and Iliana this came into immediate realization. Always passionate about olive oil and still in the business of making friends we have decided to keep quantity low and quality high, in order to produce one of the finest olive oils in the world.

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First Year in Business2010

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Centuries old olive trees in southern Greece of the koroneiki variety.
    We produce olive oil

    Our olive oil is harvested by hand, transported fast and extracted cold. This process ensures the high level of naturally occurring chemical constituents found in our premium extra virgin oil. Natural substances responsible for the therapeutic effects and nutritional value olive oil exhibits.

  • Name Spyros Vathis
    Title Business Development Director
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    SPYROS VATHIS MPharm, PgDip. Business Development Director Spyros born in Athens in 1978, was educated in the United Kingdom and earned his Masters of Pharmacy and Post-graduate diploma in Management during the year 2002. From 2002 to 2006 he worked as an executive for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2006, he co-founded Pharmeden pharmacies that have been a constantly growing successful venture ever since. In 2010, he decided to share his family's unique olive oil with the world by creating a1000 premium extra virgin olive brand and explore new market opportunities. He is currently the business development director of the company. Keeping a top brand image through valuable collaborations around the globe is his main goal. He believes in forming long-term partnerships through market analysis and strategic business planning.