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We are a family business located at Spata, in the Mesogea region of Eastern Attica, Greece. Our background is more than three generations of family tradition in the production of quality olive oil.

Having grown up with olive oil as part of our every day life, we all were trained by our forefathers from a very young age in order to be able to distinguish the best for when it came to olive oil. It is only the best that we choose now for the “Stefanos” Olive Oils. For the Stefanos line of products, we prefer olives of the Koroneiki variety, that were hand-picked at the virgin land of the Peloponnese. The Koroneiki variety is considered the king of olives, and it produces olive oil of exquisite quality. In addition, we prefer our olive oil to be unfiltered, in order to maintain more of its healthy nutrients, and a more genuine and enhanced flavor. Our business is located only a ten minute drive from Athens International Airport, and half an hour drive from the port of Piraeus.

Address21 Pigadi Prifti St
Athens, 19004
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    We produce olive oil

    1) Stefanos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a Premium Unfiltered Greek olive oil with low acidity (0,24%), obtained via cold extraction, from hand-picked olives. This olive oil comes from the Peloponnese, and it is made from the famous Greek olive variety “Koroneiki”. 2) We also produce Stefanos Organic EVOO. A Supreme Category Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with rich fruitiness. Result of totally controlled cultivation.

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