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Bio-Ag Technical Services

Analytical and consulting services for growers, producers, millers, distributors and sellers of agricultural products, including oils, especially olive oils.

BTS is a division of Concor/ETS/BTS a general environmental and agricultural testing and consulting company specializing in analytical working. We test most matrices including all natural matrices and many products matrices which includes, but is not limited to, soils, water, plant tissue, air, composts, manures, sludges, feeds, forage and fodder, as well as food items including olive oils. Testing includes mineral nutrient content and make up in general, as well as contaminants, but also encompasses organics such as FFA, PV, UV, polyphenols, vitamins, fatty acids, etc.

Address975 Transport Way, Suite 2
Petaluma, California, 94954
United States
Phone Number707-778-9605
Fax Number707-778-9612
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First Year in Business1985

  • Testing Laboratory
    We provide chemical testing for the olive oil industry

    General foods testing for mineral nutrient and vitamin content as well as testing for certain other specific or specialized analytes. This would include FFA, PV, UV and polyphenols testing of olive oils

  • Name Greg Conrad
    Title Ph.D.
    Telephone 707-778-9605
    Dr. Conrad started Concor/ETS/BTS in 1985 initially as a consulting service to companies, governmental agencies and individuals with a need to be understand the nature of problems they face and to provide solutions to those problems. In 1988-89 the services expanded to include analytical capabilities so that the consulting work could be done in a more efficient manner. Indeed, much of our current work is strictly analytical, although we provide considerable guidance to clients with respect to analyses we conduct. Dr. Conrad received his Ph.D. in biology and has undergraduate degrees in zoology and geology, and has four years of chemistry including general chemistry, quantitative analysis, organic chemistry and biochemistry. He has 25 years experience operating a analytical laboratory, and currently the best descriptor is biogeochemist.