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Bioesti Olive Soap and Cosmetics

Our company has been exporting premium products from Greece the last 20 years, mostly to European countries. Products we mainly deal with are: -Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Olive Oil Soaps -Natural Olive Cosmetics -Mediterranean Sea sponges

Olive Oil Soap Following family tradition producing olive oil soaps in Crete, Greece, back to 1955 till today, we bring our experience and passion to create 100% natural traditional soaps using only Greek olive oil. Organic Cosmetics Bioesti Natural Olive Cosmetics are produced with biological Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and extracts, combined with hydrosols and essential oils from organically cultivated herbs and plants. Based on ancient Greek holistic recipes Olive Oil Iason Foods offers only 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils of superior quality and max acidity 0.4%, derived directly from selected producers and areas of Crete and Peloponnese.

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    We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

    We produce -Olive oil soap -Bottle and export Greek extra virgin olive oil -Natural olive cosmetics

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