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Spanish manufacturer of agricultural implements since 1961. Beside complete range of soil preparation equipment, we have several equipment lines for specific crops, like olive trees. Wide range of flail mowers, for pruning rests, weed control, or biomass collection and management are available. Working AGRIC machines can be watched on our youtube channel,
Company was founded in 1961 for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing agricultural implements and farm equipment. Industrial premises are large and provided with latest production devices: total area of over 320,000 square ft, buildings area around 130,000 square ft, fitted out with various machinery, numerical control systems, welding robots, ... 69 people working at manufacturer in Spain with largest catalogue and implements range. Agricultural implements branch under own AGRIC brand name is around 70% of total business. Main products on that branch are rotary tillers, flail mowers, rotary cutters and hydraulic sweepers. Continuous development and innovation provides further product models and lines every year. Compact, commercial or professional duty equipment are available, from 12 and up to over 250 HP, and also hydraulic function implements for front loaders, telescopes or skid steer loaders. Around 50% of total business is at export side. Biggest foreign markets are France, where daughter company was established 25 years ago, and north-America, Canada and USA mainly. One third of exports is sold at over 30 different countries.
C-17, Km 72.686
8508 Les Masies De Voltrega, BA
Phone: 34938502700
First Year in Business
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We sell farming and/or irrigation supplies

Standard centred, side shift or totally offset flail mowers, for pruning rests, weed control and surface stone crushing. Pick up flail mowers with internal shredding chamber for higher efficiency on pruning rests. Collecting mowers into rear trailer, container or sac, to take residual biomass out to energy plant. Hydraulic trailed offset sweepers, to clean out tree basis before harvesting. Various mowers and cutters for weed control.
Name Sergio Sanchez
Export Sales Manager
Name Ferran Meinhardt
General Manager