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Betica de aceite, S.A.

Pruducer of extra virgin olive oil.

Betica de Aceite is a young company, made up by people and entities closely related to the world of oil for many generations, with the aim of marketing their oil, placing at their customers' disposal, at reasonable prices, the premium quality olive oils resulting from their extensive experience. To produce the highest-quality olive oil based on a threefold commitment: Quality Commitment: Offering, for each olive variety, only premium quality virgin extra olive oil. Safety Commitment: Taking the greatest care over each of the stages of oil production, from olive cultivation, tending the olive groves, to pressing in the mill, storage and bottling. Affordability Commitment: Establishing a pricing policy that places premium-quality olive oils within the reach of most consumers.

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AddressBecas 16, 2ª
Sevilla, Sevilla, 41002
CountySierra Norte de Sevilla
Phone Number+34648269403
Fax Number954916335
Website Address
First Year in Business2003

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Arbequino: Picual: It is a strong, generous olive tree. The most widely produced in Spain.
    We produce olive oil

    The fruit is harvested in early November, when the envero (change in colour) has already started but the fruit has not yet fully ripened. The olive is picked almost green, hence the resulting oil maintains all the nuances and properties of the fruit. All procedures are mede in a very low temperature so the oil keeps all its flavour and other arganoleptic properties.

  • PAGINA AMERICANA.jpg Name Rocio Gomez Peña
    Title Business Manager
    Telephone +34648269403
    Graduated in law at Madrid University.(Universidad Complutense). Courses in accounting and business administration. Languages: Spanish, English.