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Werbung Trading Ltd

Werbung Trading Ltd. is an exporter of Greek specialty food products. We trade only unique products of highest quality cultivated, produced, harvested and packaged in Greece in order to offer our customers the distinctive aroma, flavor and pleasure.

Werbung Trading Ltd primarily trades top quality Greek extra virgin olive oil, under the name 'Ambrosia Di Oliva'. 'Ambrosia Di Oliva’ originates from selective estates of Greece, chosen very carefully to ensure superior quality throughout the process of cultivating, harvesting, storing, packaging and distributing, in line with the strictest of internationally accepted environmental management systems requirements. This unique extra virgin olive oil is primary distinguished from its acidity level which is significantly below the standard acidity levels dropped to less than 0.5% or even 0.3%. Such a low acidity together with its unparalleled taste, aroma and color can only be attained when the unique region microclimate, the Koroneiki olive variety, the traditional cultivation approach and the environmental sensitivity are all combined together and proudly produce our ‘Ambrosia Di Oliva’. ‘Ambrosia Di Oliva’ - accompanied by all necessary certificates to prove its unique attributes - addresses modern, health-oriented, savor connoisseurs who wish to purchase a premium product at a very competitive price making it an affordable necessity, not a luxury commodity.

Address17 Gr. Xenopoulou street
Limassol, 3106
Phone Number+357 25 866371
Fax Number+357 25 866371
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First Year in Business2010

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    We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

    We sell premium extra virgin olive oil

  • Name Alex Loumidis
    Title Sales
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