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Azienda Agricola Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo

QUALITY 'award-winning Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo produces an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality:"Don Vincenzo", Colline Teatine D.O.P., genuine, healthy, made with special precautions before and after crushing

Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo is located in the extreme south of Abruzzo in an ecosystem where the orographic position and the nature of the terrain offer an ideal environment for olive growing. The olive grove extends over a surface area of 4.07.05 hectares and is prevalently cultivated in the varieties of Gentile di Chieti, Leccino, Moraiolo, Nebbio di Chieti and in small percentages also with the coltivars of Ascolana tender and Pendolino: all farmed according to the tradition of the integrated pest control method. We are Growers and producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colline Teatine Vastese DOP. It's been over a hundred years from now when the grandfather of my wife decided to start this business with passion and sacrifice, the same passion and the same spirit of sacrifice that has been able to pass on to his son and then my wife. The passion is for high quality, always an element of pride of our production. This is made ​​possible by a highly experienced and competent in the service consumer and a true love for this delicate fruit. Throughout the year our olive trees are "spoiled" and treated successfully with a rigorous respect for nature and tradition in order to arrive at harvest time with a healthy fruit. In the mill, finally, special attention is devoted to the production process to ensure our customers extra virgin with a very low acidity and keep intact all the organoleptic properties of the fruit from which it is extracted. We welcome you to visit our Farm.

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AddressTorre Sinello n. 45
Vasto, Chieti, 66054
Phone Number+390873310027
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First Year in Business1910

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    *Altitude:25/50 meters above sea level - *Annual average duration of the day, twelve hours and seventeen minutes - *Temperatures moderate rainy winters, hot dry summers. Our compact-black soil, the climate sunny and well ventilated, the techniques of cultivation and agricultural oleologica adopted, characterizing the terroir and enable the production of EVOO High quality.
    We produce olive oil

    Each type of cultivar, has a different yield. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Don Vincenzo, "DOP Colline Teatine Vastese (PDO), is the actualdriving force within this territory, resulting in a real and concrete reference to the place of production. Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Masseria Don Vincenzo" is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and phenolic compounds and its regular use helps to keep the body healthy.
    We have a private mill

    Tours and/or Tasting Bar
    We provide tours of our facilities
    Tour of the our olive grove, Trabocchi Coast and of Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci. Available from June to September. Reservations at least one week in advance. 50 € EUR - Mini olive oil tasting course and tour (1 hours, incl. up to 1 visitors)
    We have a tasting bar
    We offer you our oil tasting along with some practical olive oil tasting tips. You can taste EVOO and delicatessen. Experience tasting of EVOO inside a warm house full of memories and enjoy different EVOO. You may just discover secret of Extra Virgin olive oil if you are listening closely. We invite you to taste the best EVOO "Don Vincenzo" DOP Colline Teatine Vastese.

  • Name Nicola Tieri
    Title General Manager
    Telephone +390873310027