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Central Texas Olive Ranch

Central Texas Olive Ranch is an operation to provide olives and olive oil to Central Texas and surrounding areas. We are currently the second largest super-high density olive orchard in the state of Texas, with 23,000 planted olive trees. We have 17,000 Arbequina trees, 4,500 Koroneiki trees, and 1,500 Arbosana trees. We have been harvesting our fruit since the fall.

Our 23,000 tree olive grove is located just outside of historic Walburg, Texas on FM 972. We are proud to take part in one of the fastest growing industries in Texas. Our 33 acre olive grove was planted in the Spring of 2009, and we still have plenty of room to grow. Curtis Mickan, was born and raised in Georgetown, Texas. His Great-Grandfather founded this family ranch in the late 1800's. For generations this land has produced corn, wheat, and has been grazed by cattle. Curtis Mickan bought this land back in the 1970's, and has been raising cattle and farming on it ever since. Along with grandson Joshua Swafford, Curtis Mickan now has the first super high density olive grove in Central Texas.

AddressP.O. Box 132
Georgetown, Texas, 78626
United States
Phone Number(512) 863-7194
Fax Number
Website Address
First Year in Business2009

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    The majority of our olive trees are Arbequina I-18. We also have Arbosona and Koroneiki varieties.
    We produce olive oil

    The spring of 2011 was the first major sign of blooms on our young olive trees. Since then, we have been producing Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Alfa Laval Mill was installed in October of 2012.

  • Name Curtis W. Mickan
    Title Owner
    Telephone (512) 863-7194
  • Name Joshua Swafford
    Title Executive Vice President
    Telephone (512) 863-7194
    Joshua graduated from Texas A&M University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Leadership and Development. After graduation, he started working with his grandfather to start up Central Texas Olive Ranch, LLC. Central Texas Olive Ranch currently has 23,000 olive trees planted, super high density, on 33 acres. During this time he specialized in operational planning, land development, land preparation and supervision of labor crews for over 34,000 olive trees. He has also worked in consultation and advisory services for over 115 acres in Central and South Texas. Joshua is also the field researcher for Texas Tech University (The Research and Development team for the Olive Oil Industry in Texas); and gets the opportunity to travel to different Olive Orchards during the growing season and collect data that will help determine what exactly different varieties of trees need in the different climates of Texas. This has allowed him to specialize in ageing inflorescence, flowers, and olive fruit; manage data collection team for over 13 different varieties of olive trees in Central and South Texas; and participate in yield research for over 200 acres of olive trees in Central and South Texas