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The information below is provided by the company and as a service by The Olive Oil Source. It does not imply an endorsement of the company or any of its products or services. For more information, please contact the company directly.
Pacific Ag and Vineyard, Inc.

PAV specializes in medium- and super-high density olive field development, consultation, and installation. PAV stocks most of the supplies at our shop and have access to all of the materials needed for development.

AddressPO Box 760
Woodbridge, California, 95258
United States
CountySan Joaquin
Phone Number209-365-7222
Fax Number209-365-9122
Website Address
First Year in Business2003

  • Consultant
    We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

    PAV is a full-services consultation and development company, providing a complimentary initial evaluation of the land and overall project, surveying and marking, stake and bamboo supplies and installation, and the actual planting of the olive trees.