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Alamaniotis Olive Groves

Alamaniotis Olive Groves is a Greek family Olive Growing Business dedicated to the production of Pure & Authentic Olive Goods for many generations.

Alamaniotis Olive Groves is a family Olive Growing Business located in the historical land of Pteleos in Thessaly , Central Greece,dedicated to the olive tree cultivation for many generations. The family maintains Olive Groves in the old traditional style in order to support local environmental balance and is us focused in the production of pure olive goods such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil(Ultra Premium & Premium Categories),completely natural edible green / black olives and white olive oil soap. The family owns around 2.500 olive trees and handles the cultivation and olive goods promotion for the rest family members with around 3.000 extra olive trees. Head of business is Stamatis Alamaniotis and the official owner ID is Alamanioti Theodore Helen. Hippocrates …the father of medicine said, ” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This is exactly our family’s fundamental principle that shapes our culture. We produce and offer pure fresh olive products that support our health and wellness. This is our long term vision to expand our product line and offer innovative pure and natural olive and olive oil based solutions… No chemicals… No preservatives.

AddressPteleos , 37008
Phone Number+306975855251
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First Year in Business1910

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Alamaniotis Olive Groves is consisedt from 2 types of Olive Trees: 1.Wild Olive Tree Estates (Olea Sylvestris) that are never cultivated and grown in a completely natural way inside the natural environment with other plants and wild trees. 2.Pteleos Olea Estates ,a local variety (based on Olea Sylvestris). The Olive Trees are long aged ,are not irrigated (only rain) and are not pushed with chemicals to give overproduction.
    We produce olive oil

    We produce only Extra Virgin Olive Oil Of Superior Categories: 1. Extreme EVOO from Olea Sylvestris. 2. EVOO Very Early Harvest from 100% green unripe olives (Agourelaio). 3. EVOO Early Harvest, 70% unripe green olives and 30% of ripe olives.
    Supplier and/or Service Provider
    We sell olive trees

    We can supply little local olive variety saplings.
    We sell olives

    We produce the following types of edible olives : 1.Wild Olive Olives with hearbs. 2.Black ,dark red ,green Olives directly after picking. 3.Black,dark,green olives in saline water. 4.Black,dark red,green olives washed and pickled in wine vinegar or marinated in different herbs. 5.Dried Olives,which are pressed with natural stone in sacks made ​​of natural material for a couple of days and are gently dried by air.
    We provide harvesting services

    We offer the following harvest services: 1.Olive Tree Pruning. 2.Olive Tree Grafting. 3.Olive Tree Planting.
    We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

    We can offer our olive business experience to any industry interesting in.Olea Sylvestris is our favorite issue.
    Olive Oil Purveyor
    We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

    We offer products that are Estate Grown.

    We are offer our products is bulk or in packaging upon request.

  • Name Alamaniotis  Stamats
    Title Head Of Busness
    Telephone +306975855251
    Stamatis has been managing the Estates for the last 10 years, after the family owner Eleni Alamaniotis passed on to him the rights to handle the estates cultivation and olive goods promotion. He has a Degree on Faculty of Management & Economics, majoring on Marketing science and 20 years management and consultancy experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development issues, working for large size companies in different business sectors for products and services as well. Currently his efforts are focused in Olive Cultivation and Olive Goods production Process improvements in order to keep producing the best olive goods. He is seeking to connect consumers with the pure olive goods stemming directly from his family Olive Groves, through special stores or networks that love and respect the natural foods and human health.