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Terrace Hill Olive Company

Tuscan Style Extra Virgin Olive Oil, flavored Olive Oil, Spice Blends, Seasonings, Meat Rubs and Gourmet Vinegar

Uwe and Martina Henze purchased their beautiful property on the Pleasant Valley Trail in 2000. Unlike most people in the area, they purchased the land to plant olive trees with wine grapes an after thought. Today the 5 Tuscan varietals of olives are used to make oils that consistently win gold medals – 4 have been won already this year. The 1600 olive trees were planted on the hillside surrounding the Tuscan style home and tasting room. You may feel a little like you escaped to Tuscany when you pull into the circular drive for a tasting. Uwe, originally from Germany, was an executive chef so it is not surprising that he did not stop after producing an award winning extra virgin olive oil. Knowing that people like a touch of something in their oil, he created a line of flavored olive oils: “A Touch of Citrus”, “A Touch of Tuscany”, “A Touch of Rosemary & Garlic” and “A Touch of Basil”. The culinary delights do not stop there – you will also find meat rubs, seasonings, herbs, gourmet vinegars and estate grown Zinfandel. The Henze’s follow sustainable farming practices and you will not find any fillers or MSG in their products. They deliver wholesome, culinary delights for those who enjoy cooking at home.

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SAN MIGUEL, California, 93451
United States
Phone Number805-467-1906
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First Year in Business2007

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Frantoio, Leccino, TAGGIASCA, casalivo, pendolino
    We produce olive oil

    Extra Virgin Frantoio, Extra Virgin Leccino, A Touch of Citrus, A Touch of Rosemary & garlic, A Touch of Basil and A Touch of Tuscan Sunset flavored Olive Oil

  • Name Martina & Uwe Henze
    Title Proprietors
    Telephone 805-467-1906