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courela do zambujeiro sociedade franco alentejana de bio olivicultura lda

we produce organic olive oil from 10 thousands centenaries trees variety Galega near by Alqueva lake ,acidity 0,2 oil used by famous 3 stars restaurante paris 6eme

producer of 12000 liters /year with potential of 30000 liters old orchards in Portugal company run with private funds without any use of banking facility 2 share olders one french and other portugues

Addressapartado 110
redondo, 7170-107
Phone Number+33688038124
Fax Number+351266999096
Website Address
First Year in Business2009

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    10000 olive trees older than 100 years near by lake,aromatic plants on ground work as insect repellent so no need for treatment and arome of plants in oil
    We produce olive oil

    12000 liters with potential 30000liters no filtration only 2 months decantation acidity 0,2

  • Name michel Rumiz
    Title founder
    Telephone +33688038124
    trees without any treatment only cut
  • Name michel Rumiz
    Title proprietor
    Telephone +33688038124
    trees wihout any chemical ,no wter only evaporation of lake