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Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company

Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company is a family owned company that grows olives, mills and bottles olive oil for the family business and for other customers.

Address2625 Mankas Corner Road
Fairfield, California, 94534
United States
Phone Number707 864-1529
Fax Number707 428-5519
Website Address
First Year in Business2005

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    The two groves include olive varieties from around the Mediterranean, including: Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Arbequina, Moraiolo. We are planting this spring Taggiasca, Nocellara del Bellice and Hojiblanca.
    We produce olive oil

    Il Fiorello uses a Pieralisi F3 fattoria mill with both a decanter and separator to produce extra virgin olive oil. We are certified to provide organic milling. The bottling process includes a pressurized bottler which can handle bottles of any size.
    Supplier and/or Service Provider
    We provide bottling services

    We bottle and label olive oil using an Italian made pressurized system which can handle bottles of any size.
    We have a public mill

    We provide certified organic milling services

    We have community milling days

    Minimum quantity (in pounds) 700

    Maximum Daily Capacity (in tons) 68

    The milling services are open to all growers with scheduling reservations required.
    Tours and/or Tasting Bar
    We provide tours of our facilities
    Tours of the mill and orchard are by appointment only.
    We have a tasting bar
    The activity and event center which will include a tasting bar are under construction and should be open this summer.
    Olive Oil Purveyor
    We are a retailer of olive oil and/or olive products

    We offer products that are COOC Certified, Estate Grown.

  • Name Ann Sievers
    Title owner
    Telephone 707 864-1529
  • Name Mark Sievers
    Title owner
    Telephone 707428-5500