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Producer - Exporter Greek Olive products, Kalamata olives, Green Khilkidhiki olives, Olive dessert.

We own five factories in Crete and Peloponnese where we produce various olive products, from Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Pomace olive oil, as well as table olives from Kalamata, stuffed olives from Khalkidhiki, and olive dessert

AddressKorinthou 8
Megara Greece, 19006
Phone Number00302296032843
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First Year in Business2007

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We produce olive oil

    All the processing states from the crushing the crop until the exportation, we offer all the services needed for the good of our customers, from the packaging to exportation process

  • Lefteris.png Name Lefteris  Gkinis
    Title Mr.
    Telephone 00302296032843
    An experienced person at the age of 59 year’s old, working in the olive industry for up to 30 years in the year 2007 chose to open a new exporting company with his son in order to promote the unique Greek olive oil in the world