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Olive Harvest LLC

Imports and distributes extra virgin olive oil from koura region in North Lebanon.

In the year 2000, Mr. Chafic Maalouf, owner and general manager of Olive Harvest LLC, imported a small batch of extra virgin olive oil from his family's olive groves in North Lebanon into the United States. The unique olive oil was received with great excitement. Shortly after, and with high demand for the precious oil, continuous shipments started to flow in. As an agricultural Engineer, a crop Scientist, and a passionate olive oil maker, Mr. Maalouf devoted his experience and his talents into bringing the best quality olive oil into the US market at very affordable prices. Currently, Olive Harvest operates more than one hundred acres of olive groves in the fertile Koura region of North Lebanon with a projection of up to 500 acres by the year 2012. Olive Harvest's extra virigin is produced using all organic practices. It is cold pressed, unfiltered, and conforms to the highest standards as defined by USDA and by IOOC.

Address25 Fairhaven Circle
Sudbury, Massachusetts, 01776
United States
Phone Number508 269 0801
Fax Number978 261 5119
Website Address
First Year in Business2000

  • Grower and/or Producer
    We grow olive trees

    Local varieties of olive trees named locally as Beldi, Sourani, and Ayrouni. Trees are rather old ranging from 55 to 400 years old. Low to medium bearing, semi-upright growth habit with an average oil content of about 22%.
    We produce olive oil

    We are in the process of upgrading from a traditional stone press, to a fully automated stainless steel olive mill, brand Pieralisi. Olives are milled within 24 hours from Harvest time, and bottled unfiltered within 3 weeks from pressing.

  • Name Chafic Maalouf
    Title Owner/ General Manager
    Telephone 508 269 0801
    Born into an olive and olive oil family in the town of Kfarhazir, in Koura region of North Lebanon. Holder of a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural engineering, and a Master's degree in Crop Production from The American University of Beirut. Immigrated to the US in 1987. Travels back to Lebanon every fall for the olive harvest.