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Las Mediterranean Diet Products

LAS offers goods of the highest quality, following the traditional cultivation methods that are still maintained in our homeland

Our company produces and retails agricultural products of Mediterranean diet, which have been tested and cultivated in Greece for centuries. It is our obligation to present to the consumers our products as they really are, avoiding exaggerations for publicity purposes. In this context, we strictly follow the retailing and labelling regulations of the European Union. Our aim is to offer to our consumers products of high quality and excellent taste. For these purposes, we use technology in a way that it does not cancel out our traditional cropping methods and that is also environmentally friendly. Our profile could be sketched out by many different things; our homeland is one of them. Laconia has been and still is an agricultural area. With very few exceptions, it has remained untouched by the period of the so-called green development, which involved excessive soil cultivation, excessive use of fertilizers and inconsiderate use of pesticides. This is how our land met quickly and easily the modern consumer demands for healthy agricultural products. For more information on our olive oil and other products, please visit our website, contact us via email: , or find us on facebook:

Address43, Eleftherias str
Athens, 16673
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First Year in Business2010

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    We produce olive oil

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    We sell olives

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    We are a retailer of olive oil and/or olive products

    We offer products that are Organic.

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