Dry Creek Olive Company

For over 100 years, Dry Creek Valley's low rolling hills and dry, hot summers have quietly nourished olive trees. Now, our arborists, growers, and master oil blenders are rejuvenating these "heritage" orchards, and carefully planting varieties to complement them. Rooted in tradition as rich and fertile as the soil, our artisan approach produces only the very finest extra virgin olive oils.
We believe that excellent oil begins in the orchard. To produce the highest-quality fruit and oils, we take great care in selecting the best sites for growing, choose the finest varietals, and provide attentive long-term management. Our home ranch is no exception. With an olive growing history dating back to the mid-1800′s, our home orchards consist of a wide range of different olive varietals as well as planting styles. Touring the ranch, you can see traditional orchards, high-density and super-high density plantings that make up varietals from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and our own native California. From 150 year old heritage trees right down to our 7 year old high-density trellised plantings, we are helping to ensure the highest quality oil with the highest quality trees. We imported an entire Italian mill piece by piece from Gruppo Pieralisi, who have manufactured olive mills in Italy since 1888. But this was just the first phase of our unique process. Pieralisi helped us design a custom system that incorporates a traditional granite mill and a state of the art hammer mill – giving us the time-honored tradition of stone milling and the modern conveniences of automated technology. By combining two pressing techniques into one mill, we can select which mill to use based on olive varietal, ripeness, and desired oil style.
Address 4791 Dry Creek Road
Healdsburg, California, 95448
United States
County Sonoma
Phone Number 707-431-7200
E-mail info@drycreekolivecompany.com
Website http://www.dcoc.com
First Year in Business 2007