Seeing is Believing: Create Your Own Olive Oil or Vinegar Shiners

By Caroline J. Beck
May 01, 2012

Want to sell your own brand of olive oil? Or expand your brand with new flavored olive oils and vinegars? In less than 5 minutes, you can join the world of artisan producers and create your own branded products with our simple 5-step online process.

Following our announcement in The Olive Oil Source's March newsletter, we are excited to bring you this video that demonstrates just how simple it is for olive oil producers, marketers and specialty food retailers to create branded products, ready for the shelf and customer sales.

Now see for yourself just how easy it is to Create Your Own Olive Oil or Vinegar Shiners.

For individuals looking to create their own custom labeled bottles online, rest assured that we are in the final stages of releasing a program designed specifically for you, with 15 different oils and vinegars, a selection of bottles, and a large variety of label designs perfect for personalized gifts. Be on the lookout for our announcement in next month’s newsletter.