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Long before balsamic vinegar graced the tables of culinary connoisseurs everywhere, Saba was the secret liquid ingredient that could sweeten a dish with a drizzle of its intense, fruity flavor. Biggest difference with balsamic? It’s made from one of the same grapes, Trebbiano, but does not go through any fermentation or aging. It’s simply boiled down until its natural sugars caramelize and intensify the fruitiness of the grape. Think of it as caramelized simple syrup with a kick and use it on everything that needs a little sweetening where “simple” just won’t do.

We uncovered Saba on a recent trip to Italy and to introduce you to this latest culinary find, we are offering an introductory special in both our Wholesale Store and Boutique this month. Even your best culinary friends won’t ever guess what the magic ingredient is.


For years, we’ve relied on your input as we’ve built The Olive Oil Source into the top-ranked olive related website in the world. As we move into 2011, we would like to hear more about what subjects you’d like us to cover in the newsletter and in the website itself. So, whether it’s a question, a request, or a review of what we’ve already published, bring it on! Please send your suggestions to Caroline J. Beck, editor.

We also want to invite professional writers who are interested in contributing to Pressing Times to review our Writer’s Guidelines. Since the majority of our editorial content is assigned to freelancers, we are always open to new writers and are happy to consider your proposals.